Keeping Mice Away With Arizona Rodent Control

Arizona rodent control is a way to get rid of mice and rats that have invaded your space and to prevent them from coming back. Not only do you have the squeamish factor with rodents, but they can carry disease as well. If you happen to see a small mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor, it may have a small batch of babies hidden somewhere inside the home. Unfortunately mice can squeeze into the smallest of holes and can eventually even gnaw their way inside. Rodents tend to look for shelter away from the rain and cold and the best places are inside your home. Mice can damage drywall, insulation and electrical wires if left for too long.

Arizona rodent control can use different types of methods to remove mice and rats from the home. One such method is using traps. Traps are a humane way of removing the rodents from a premises, but they aren’t always effective especially for mice that are wary of such items. The pest control service may leave the traps unset for a few days for mice to become accustomed to them. The traps will have food to entice the mice, and after it is discovered that the food has been taken, the traps can be set. Since the rodents have become use to the traps it will be easier to catch them. Another method is poisoning the rodents, which may have to be used if there are thought to be many of them hiding on the property. Traps may work for just a few rodents, but when there is a colony of the pests poisoning them may be the only recourse.

Poison may also take longer to work as you wait for the rodents to take the bait. Also the mice might expire behind a wall or in an area that is hard to remove the carcass, so you should weigh the pros and cons of using poison to get rid of mice. The poison should not be placed where pets or children can come in contact with it. Arizona rodent control also means preventing the pests from entering the home. You should inspect areas around the foundation and repair any cracks. While you may think a small crack is too tiny for a mouse to squeeze through, you may be surprised at how well they can wiggle into small openings.

Repair any cracks you find in the foundation, and then remove clutter from your yard. If the mouse can’t get into your home then he will hide out in abandoned vehicles, stacks of wood, or any other clutter you have in the yard. Mice aren’t dumb either. Once they see a door or window open, they will scurry right on into the house. So not only must you rodent proof your home, but the yard as well. Keep outside garbage containers covered with a tight-fitting lid. Rodents are searching for food, and what better place than your trash can. If you feed your pet outside and food is left in the dish, it is a welcome invitation to rodents. Instead feed and water your pet inside the home.

Water puddles can also draw in mice as they search for something to drink. Fill the low areas of soil with dirt to eliminate pooling of water. Don’t leave doors open for long periods of time. An open door is an invitation for rodents to enter the home. Remove any clutter next to the house or garage as that allows rodents a place to stay dry and safe. Arizona rodent control services can remove and help you prevent pests from invading your sanctuary.

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