Choosing A Home Generator

home generator is a device that people purchase for times when they lose power due to storms or accidental electrical outages. There are several different kinds of home generators. One of these is a portable generator. These are very common for homes. They are fed through the main breaker panel of the home, and they will supply power to the home during times when the electric is not working. Home generators run off of some type energy source which is usually gasoline, natural gas or propane.

My husband just purchased a home generator for our home. We live in an area that is prone to power outages. Last year alone, we had lost our power for probably four days total or more. It is very hard to live without electricity, especially when you are used to having it. Last week was the first time we got to try our home generator. The power had gone out and the entire neighborhood and town had also lost power. My husband hooked up the generator and shut off the main power supply to the home and suddenly we had lights. We were warned not to try running everything from the generator.

There are times when power surges will come through the generator and this can cause damage to certain items. Electronics are one of these things. You should always unplug all of your electronics before turning the generator on. This includes TVs, DVD players, computers and anything else that is considered an electronic. We also could not run our air conditioner with the generator. Home generators are usually sized in terms of kilowatts. 8 kilowatts to 24 kilowatts are the approximate sizes. Generators that are sized higher will provide more power and these are better for larger homes. If you simply want a generator to give you lights in your home, a lower wattage will work fine.

If you get a large home generator, it will be able to provide energy for your entire home. It may even allow you to use your water pump and air conditioning. It can be very uncomfortable to lose power, especially during the summer. It can get really hot in a home, and there is no way to cool it. It is also very frustrating to lose power because you cannot see anything and most people will light candles.

One of the worst things that power outages cause is damage to the food you own. If you lose power and cannot run your refrigerator or freezer, you may end up losing all of this food. Food is very expensive and can cost a lot of money to replace all of it.  If you own a home generator, you will not have to worry about this problem. As soon as the generator is hooked up and turned on, your refrigerator and freezer will come back on. All of your food will be protected after that point. It is important to keep the home generator full of fuel. If the generator runs out of fuel, it will not be able to run.

When your electricity finally gets fixed, you will need to unplug your generator and turn the main power supply back on. Home generators are available from many different stores and they are available in many different price ranges. You can choose one based on kilowatts and price. Owning a small one is better than not owning one at all. Businesses, such as grocery stores, usually own very large generators so that they can protect all of the food that they have purchased to sell to customers.

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