Creativity And Education: What’s The Connection?

For many centuries, education was considered the domain of the three R’s. Teaching reading, writing, arithmetic and other basic skills was the general idea in almost all of the schools around the world. It is only in more recent years that creativity and education has become linked, and educators have started realizing the importance of creativity in education. This trend started when psychologist like Jean Piaget, Erick Erickson, and John Dewy made discoveries that showed how creativity and allowing the children to learn through handling object will help them learn.

In the past, this was all considered a waste of time and now that the real nature of kids learning was discovered lots more creativity was allowed into the classroom. I think to a large extent this also happened when life became easier for most. Instead of spending their days just trying to survive, families had more time and energy to put into their children’s education. I am not only talking about making the various crafts like valentine craft ideas for kids, but creativity in all areas.

When children are allowed to be creative in art, in music, in planning curriculum or in any area that they can use their creativity, there is a definite connection between those activities and their ability to learn better in later years. For example: Children that are given the freedom to create art projects that let them think and solve problems without following a teachers model, will be able to think through problems on their own in later years. When a child gets use to using his own mind to figure something out without waiting for an adult, then this spills over into all areas of learning and not just the creative ones. If only more teachers and parents would realize how beneficial creativity is to their kids learning, then there would be much more creativity activity in most early livelihood classrooms.

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