Modern Promotion Requires Custom USB Flash Drives

When I was a kid not so very long ago, I use to love to go to conventions. There were many reasons for this. One reason is because typically I would be able to see a large faucet hovering in the air and dumping water into a bucket. I used to try to figure out how that faucet actually worked as I loaded a bag full of glossy brochures, custom pens, buttons, notepads and other goodies. When I arrived too early one year and discovered a clear plastic tube supporting the hovering faucet, conventions lost some of their allure for me. Still, I had my glossy pamphlets and free pens to grab, but now that I knew the secret of the fountain, I felt a little let down. I used to love conventions.

I love conventions even more now, but I don’t go for custom pens these days or magic faucets. Instead, I look for custom USB flash drives. You could say that these promotional flash drives have supplied the appeal that the hovering faucet used to have for me, and you would be mostly right. A good set up at a convention hall is enough to catch my eye, but my memory is not so good. By the time I make it to the next spectacular display, whatever features made the previous display eye-catching have faded from my mind. However, when I see custom USB flash drives, I tend to like and remember what I see. I have seen many different flash drives in my trips to conventions.

For example, I once saw a flash drive shaped like a fish. The company who gave me the flash drive specialized in wildlife preservation, so it was fitting for them to give out little minnows whose heads popped off to reveal a flash drive inside. I have also seen wooden flash drives, carabiner flash drives, rubber bracelet flash drives, and countless other flash drives made in different sizes and shapes and of different materials. With all of the options for customizing flash drives out there, it should be easy to find a flash drive that is as unique as is your company. Another great thing about custom USB flash drives is that they are an important step in going green.

Think for just a moment about all the paper, inks, and other embellishments that go into making the brochures, fliers, magazines, catalogs, and pamphlets that are handed out at conventions all the time. When you add up all the paper products handed out at all of the conventions in a year, I am sure you have some ridiculously large number. This paper can be largely eliminated by using custom USB flash drives. This is because brochures, fliers, magazines, catalogs, pamphlets, slide shows, interactive presentations, keys to websites, and other features can be conveniently stored on a flash drive while still saving room for a customer to use the flash drive for their own storage.

Think about all of the different ways that custom USB flash drives can be used, and you will see what a valuable promotional tool promotional flash drives really are. Not everyone can come up with a promotional gimmick like a hovering faucet dumping water into a bucket, nor do they need to. A fantastic display is only eye-catching when your customer is present at the display, but something like a custom USB flash drive is the kind of thing that customers can really appreciate. Custom USB flash drives are useful, green, and catchy. They are a great way to promote your company in today’s modern market. The next time you go to a convention to promote your company, take promotional flash drives with you. You will be glad you did.

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