How To Clean White Gold In Five Easy Steps

While some people will always prefer yellow gold, white gold is making a comeback. Platinum has taken the jewelry world by storm, and white gold allows for the platinum look without the extravagant price tag. White gold uses alloys such as silver and nickel to attain its color, so many people wonder how to clean white gold without damaging their piece. Listed below are five steps that will keep your white gold looking beautiful without damaging it.

How to Clean White Gold:

Step One

The first thing you should do before cleaning anything made out of white gold is to closely examine the piece. Look for damaged prongs, loose chain links, loose stones or any other structural problems. If the damage is more than just surface deep, the cleaning process may cause extensive damage and possibly render the piece unusable. If there is damage, it is best to take it to a professional jeweler who can estimate a cost of repair and can fix it for you.

Step Two

Once you know your jewelry is in fine form, you can then make a homemade cleaning solution. It is much cheaper than expensive store bought solutions and very easy to do. Mix one teaspoon of your favorite dish soap with one quart of warm water in a glass bowl. Mix gently until bubbles form and then place your white gold in the solution and allow to sit for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step Three

Next, use an old soft-bristled toothbrush to gently remove any dirt or grime still left on the gold. If there is stubborn dirt or debris stuck in any of the crevices, rub a little baking soda on the specific area and drip a couple drops of two percent hydrogen peroxide on top of it. The mixture will bubble and loosen any stubborn dirt. Then, brush gently again and rinse in the water and soap solution. Take care not to brush too hard or use too hard of a brush to ensure you do not scratch the surface of the piece.

Step Four

After you are done brushing and have it thoroughly cleaned, rinse the piece well with warm water. Make sure all the soap and baking soda is washed off completely as it will dull the piece if left on too long. You will also want to be careful as you are rinsing the piece, use a plastic strainer over any drains in case you accidentally drop your jewelry.

Step Five

Use a soft chamois cloth to dry and polish it. You can also use a soft towel to dry it, but you will want a lint-free towel such as the kind they make for electronics. You can use a jewelry cloth to polish it after it is dry. Common wash cloths can scratch the surface, so they are not recommended for this use.

These steps will ensure your gold is clean and shiny.If your white gold is still not as clean as you would like, take it to a professional jeweler as it may just need to be replated.

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