What You Should Know About Royal Purple Oil

Oil’s job is to make sure the component parts of an engine run smoothly. The basic idea is that the oil reduces friction and prevents metal to metal contact thus avoiding damage and increasing fuel economy and power. However, oil has its weaknesses. When your engine is working its hardest, conventional oil is at its worst. Royal Purple Oil, on the other hand, is still going strong. The engineers behind Royal Purple Oil understand that load, speed, and temperature can prevent the proper functioning of conventional oil. Oil depends on film strength in order to protect your engine.

Basically, this film acts as a barrier to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Temperature can cause oil to thin, thus weakening the barrier. Heavy loads can literally squeeze oil out of the contact points between metal components, and engine speed can cause oil to spin out and away from contact points. Load, speed, and temperature all increase as your engine is required to work harder. Thus, the harder your engine works, the harder it is for oil to do its job. The engineers who designed Royal Purple Oil started with these facts in mind and set out to create an oil that would be there to protect your engine when it most needs protection. They came up with Royal Purple synthetic oil. In other words, they came up with an oil that can create an ionic bond with engine parts to reduce the effects of load, speed, and temperature. Because of this engineering, Royal Purple Oil outperforms other oils. You can trust it to protect your engine even under the worst conditions. Some people might not want to use a superior oil simply because it costs more money. The price per bottle might be more expensive, so the cost of an oil change is more expensive, but you can run Royal Purple Oil up to three times longer than a conventional oil. This means that Royal Purple synthetic oil would have to be three times more expensive than conventional oil in order to be truly more expensive than regular oil. This is not the case. Thus, in the long run, you actually end up saving money with Royal Purple Oil. Another benefit of using a high quality oil like Royal Purple is that you will increase your fuel mileage and power. Because conventional oil cannot protect your engine as well as Royal Purple, your engine will have to overcome the effects of friction.

The more friction there is in your engine, the harder your engine has to work to overcome this friction. This increased work load translates to a decrease in both power and fuel mileage. Simply by switching to Royal Purple, you can increase your fuel economy from one to three miles per gallon. You may also experience an up to five percent increase in your power. Thus, we have yet another reason to switch to Royal Purple Oil. If you could prevent engine damage, increase power, and boost your fuel ecnomy simply by changing your oil, wouldn’t you change your oil? Sure, a superior oil will cost more per bottle, but as discussed, you save money in the long run because you do not have to change your oil as often. Thus, not only do you save money on oil, but you end up spending less on fuel because the oil will increase your fuel economy. In these hard times, I don’t know anyone who can afford to throw money away, so why not use Royal Purple synthetic oil to save a little money? Not every money saving device will be so easy, so you have to act when there is an easy way to protect your engine and save money in the process.

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