Tips For Saving Money On Car Maintenance

Many people who aren’t familiar with car maintenance fear the process and feel like they are spending more money than they have to. If you are one of those who would love to save money and still keep your car in good working condition, here are 3 simple tips for saving cash on maintenance:

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  1. Ask for references- One really fantastic way to save money on car maintenance is to ask your friends and family for referrals. Find out which mechanic(s) they have worked with and who was able to do the best work and offer them the best deal. Unfortunately, many mechanics will try and take advantage of the ignorance of most drivers and charge them extra for things that they don’t really need. If you want to save money on your car maintenance then you need to get a mechanic that you can trust and who won’t give you the run around.
  2. Stay on schedule- The maintenance schedule for a car is in place for a very important reason. If you want to save more money over the life of the car you are better off following the maintenance schedule exactly. If you fail to follow the outlined schedule you could cause unnecessary strain on the components that make up your vehicle. Many of these parts will cost much more to replace than they would to service. You’re much better off just paying for maintenance when it is requires as opposed to trying to stretch the time between services.
  3. Do it yourself- One of the best ways to save money on car maintenance is to learn how to do the simple things yourself. Even if you have a really good mechanic who doesn’t take advantage of you, you will still have to pay them a hefty fee for their hourly service. Instead take some time to learn how to perform the simple maintenance yourself and save a lot of money. Something like flushing the radiator or changing the oil can easily be done at your home, on your own. There are plenty of places to learn these simple skills and one of the quickest ways to pick up maintenance skills is the Internet. It may be a little scary to try some of these things on your own at first but have some faith in yourself and you should be just fine.

No matter what kind of car you own, if you take good care of it, there is no reason why it can’t last your for many many years. If you give to your car it will give back to you, year after year.

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3 Tips For Spending Less Money

Every two weeks, most Americans get a paycheck and as soon as that money hits their pockets it can be really tempting to go out and spend some of it. But what if you’re struggling to pay your bills, or trying to pay down debt? In this case spending your hard earned money on extra items that you don’t necessarily need can make reaching your bigger financial goals much more difficult. Here are 3 simple tips to help you spend less money:

  1. Set electronic reminders– We live in a world where everything seems to be digital. So then, why not use electronics to your advantage? With your credit card or debit card you should be able to set up electronic reminders that will alert you when you’ve reached a pre-determined amount of money. You may be grabbing a pack of gum at the gas station, but thanks to smart phones you’ll be able to know the second you’ve hit your limit. Make sure that the limit you set is reasonable and that you give yourself enough room for the unexpected things in life.
  2. Use online money map– Websites like offer a ton of really fantastic tools to help you manage your funds. You can use their advanced technologies to make sure that you are right on track with the goals you have set. Using a money map can help you to spot areas that need improvement and then make a plan as to how to overcome those spending weaknesses. If you want to get serious about spending less money, then you need to looking into some sort of money saving software or online money map.
  3. Learn to prioritize– One of the absolute best things that you can do to spend less money is to learn how to prioritize. Whenever you get a new paycheck you want to make sure that you set aside money for all of the bills that you have to pay first, and then make sure that you pay yourself. Paying yourself means putting some money into savings. Once it is transferred to your savings account, you need to do everything you can to forget about it. Pretend like the money doesn’t exist anymore and stop dreaming of all the things you could buy if you had it. Taking care of the larger payments first will allow you to put money aside and also make room for the smaller things.

To help you stay on track as you work to save more money, make sure that you set larger goals, and then smaller, intermediate goals to help you mark your progress. If you work hard and have patience, there is no reason why you can’t become an expert at saving.