Reducing Losses With Custom Packaging Options

One of the biggest causes of loss when it comes to shipping is that of damage incurred during travel. Shipping companies take great pains to ensure that packages and parcels are able to arrive at their destination intact. That being said, accidents do happen every day, and there is a lot of money lost every year on shipped goods that don’t make it to their destination unharmed. This is an expense that is incurred by the company that sent the item in question, which can add up substantially over time. In most of these cases, a company will pay to have an item shipped based on its weight and physical size. When that item gets damaged during transit and is unusable, it is on the company to send another item in its place.

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Therefore, that particular company will have to incur the expenses with sending a package and then resending it. Obviously, when this happens many times, the expense can quickly add up to be substantial enough to be a concern. Therefore, it is in the best interest of companies that are sending out packages to protect them as best as they can. While traditional packaging options are going to be effective much of the time, they are simply not as effective as they could be. It is worthwhile for organizations to look into the benefits associated with using custom packaging for these instances. Custom packaging options make for better rates of safe delivery overall.

Custom packaging options refer to perfectly sized boxes being created on the spot to house items which are going to be shipped. A perfectly sized box balances the need for closeness of fit, without crushing the object within. There are special machines which are able to create custom packaging on the spot, based on whatever they are needed for. With these machines, people have the ability to “scan” an item, wherein the equipment will read the physical parameters of an object. Once the parameters have been added to an integrated computer, the machine can then draw from a roll of corrugated cardboard in order to create a perfect box for an item. The equipment can then be utilized to either provide packaging for individual items, or in preparation for a mass mailing of the same thing.

These boxes are designed to take more force and to hold up better than their counterparts. Due to the fact that they are perfectly custom to an individual item which can be placed within, these boxes are very effective at preventing accidents from occurring. When it all comes down to it, these machines are a worthwhile investment due to the protection that they are able to offer objects which are shipped out. Organizations stand to save a lot of money over time based on custom packaging. With a higher rate of placement and much less need to replace broken goods, profits should be able to make a marked improvement. Therefore, this equipment is perfect for any organization that ships out packages and parcels.

Saving Money On Shipping With Custom Packaging

Using custom packaging, you can save a lot of money over time on shipping. The custom packaging machine can secure a much more streamlined and efficient experience, while also keeping more of your goods safe. This effect is achieved through the perfectly sized boxes that the machine will produce on the spot. You simply need to have the machine record the parameters of the item you are sending out, and it will create a perfect sized box for it.

Such a process does not take long, and the entry is stored in the computer for further uses, should that be necessary. By eliminating the need to keep lots of different sizes of cardboard boxes in a warehouse space, the equipment is able to simplify operations effectively. The speed at which custom boxes are created also increases speed and efficiency, along with the overall rate which employees will work. The equipment can save you enough money on shipping over time that the equipment will eventually pay for itself if you were to ship out enough orders. In essence, this is a self-sustaining investment to make, so it is one which is well worth checking out.

There are several key places where this process saves money, so it is important to look into these areas in greater detail overall. First of all, the perfect size of the boxes is going to cut down on the cost of shipping itself. Traditionally, this cost has been determined by weight and physical size of the package going out. By making the perfect size box, the equipment both will lower the overall amount of size and weight involved with sending it out, saving a bit right there. It is a small amount, but it is one which will stack up over time into something much more impressive.

The other way that custom packaging helps in getting better financial results lies with the protection that the goods receives. When sent goods are damaged or destroyed on the road, it is wasteful and costly. Another item will have to be sent using more cardboard and fuel, and the cost of the actual item is going to be a hit which it best left avoided. Custom packaging allows for a greater rate of successful deliveries, due to the way that the items inside will be protected. The perfect size of box which is produced in this case strikes a balance essential to providing good protection. It is neither too large nor too small. Too small of a fit may damage items which are sent out by swishing them in close. Additionally, any forces which are sustained by the package during transit are going to be transferred through into the goods. Conversely, too big of a box means that the sent item will be able to move around inside of its parcel, which then leads to damages induced through jostling.

A perfect balance between the two means a greater rate of success, making the equipment an asset which provides many useful and essential benefits.