Soothanol X2 And The Hoax

There are a lot of different “herbal” remedies out there today. Some of these remedies, however, have been criticized by customers and experts alike due to their inability to provide the results promised by manufacturers. There are concerns about a Soothanol x2 hoax going on at the moment. Soothanol is a pain relief remedy, applied topically. Like most remedies, there are side effects. The severity of such effects are what are causing the complaints. Consumers need to ensure that they take a look at this before deciding to use Soothanol.

What is Soothanol X2

Advertisers claim that this application can relieve aches and pains in certain parts of the body. It is claimed to be an anti-inflammatory. Customers are told that they need to apply a couple of drops onto the part that is experiencing paint, such as a joint that is inflamed or swollen. It is alleged to promote rest and will not mix with other pain relief medication or statin drugs. There are allegations regarding Soothanol x2 which mention side effects. Critics will state that the components of this remedy have not been scientifically proven to be effective.IngredientsMakers have stated that the product is herbal. A lot of the ingredients are, indeed, oils and herbs that you can buy at a health food store. There are a couple of ingredients, however, that do not fit this description.Dimethyl sulfide (DMSO)Arnica Oil DMSO is not natural. It is known as a solvent, and the reason that it is included in the overall mixture is to help accelerate and increase the absorption of the other components of the remedy into a person’s blood. Arnica oil is a herb, and it generally has quite a reputation when it comes to causing certain complications. While a lot of the other ingredients are well-known herbs, their capacities for pain relief are not scientifically established.

Side Effects of Soothanol X2

When it comes to the Soothanol x2 hoax, there are a lot of complaints surrounding its main ingredients of Arnica oil and DMSO. DMSO, as a solvent, is incredibly powerful. It can cause anything soluble on the skin to be brought into the bloodstream. This can make it dangerous if the skin is not clean, and contamination can occur. Scientists did tests on mice and found that there was increased brain degeneration in those mice which had been treated with the remedy. It was also found that body odor, somewhat like garlic, could come about as a result of using this.Dermatitis is another known side effect of arnica oil. For those who are pregnant, it can cause contractions by stimulating the uterus. Allergic reactions can be brought about in certain people as well.The HoaxEveryone will respond differently to the ingredients contained in this product. Testimonies for and against it exist, so it is a good idea to be cautious when applying this. Ensure that your skin is clean and make sure that you evaluate the results yourself before trying it out and seeing if it works.

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