The TracFone Straight Talk Plan May Be One Of The Best Prepaid Phone Plans

By now you may have heard of the Straight Talk TracFone prepaid plans. Straight Talk is technically its own brand that is owned by TracFone, but I like to make sure that people know the companies are affiliated because TracFone has historically provided good service for low cost. Straight Talk prepaid phone plans are not only affordable, they also have great options that come “baked in” the plans. For instance, with the Unlimited $45 plan, you get unlimited web browsing in addition to voice and text. And keep in mind that the service is run through a Verizon MVNO, which means you get great network coverage.

The plans truly are some of the best in the business and will work very well for quite a few people looking for prepaid phone options. At the end of the day, it’s all about saving money but also being connected to the people you need to stay in touch with on a daily basis. Straight Talk by TracFone will help you save money month in month out.

New Smart Phones

Straight Talk now has three smart phones for potential (or current) customers who want to take advantage of phones that do email, browse the web, and give you unlimited talk time to choose from. The newest phone is the Nokia E5, a smooth looking phone with a nice camera/video recorder, and much more. At a price of just around $200 with no contract (it’s prepaid, so there is no contract), you get a nice phone and an affordable unlimited prepaid plan.

Get a Free Straight Talk Phone

You can currently get a free Straight Talk cell phone for use with one of its two plans at the official website for the company, StraightTalk dot com. The way this works is you pay for the first month of your talk time and you get a free phone to go along with it. The phones that have been offered as part of this promotion have changed over the past several months. At one point, there were four different models to choose from. Right now as I write this, there are two available. Have a look at the website and see if you can take advantage of this deal. All you will pay is the first month of service and you get the phone.  Read multiple prepaid phone reviews and see all plans at

The $30 TracFone Straight Talk plan is 15 bucks cheaper and gives anyone who pays for it 1,000 minutes and text messages per month. If you also feel the need to browse the web, you can do so because you get 30 megabytes of data use.

Both plans also come equipped with free 411 information calls. All in all, Straight Talk has done some good work with these plans. I will continue to look for reviews of these plans (as well as some of the phones that work with service) and report back. But so far, people seem to really like these plans.

You can buy these cheap prepaid plans–both the unlimited one and its cheaper counterpart the “all you need” plan–at Wal-Mart or online at the official website. Phone handset availability may vary depending on where you live.

See how Straight Talk compares to Boost Mobile, probably its chief competitor in the prepaid world.

You may also be wondering what cell phone models work with Straight Talk Wireless’ service plans–both the $30 All You Need plan and the $45 Unlimited plan. Both plans are available for sale at the official website.

One phone is the LG290. This handset is a basic yet stylish slider phone with a 12 button keypad and a color screen. It is not the most amazing phone in the world, but then again, it’s for a prepaid phone plan. In other words, Straight Talk phones get the job done, affordably!

Read more about the LG290 phone and another handset from Straight Talk, the LG100C. There are several other phones that may be of interest to you as well, but the two listed above are being offered rather cheaply at the moment.

The Straight Talk Unlimited plan is looking pretty darn attractive at the moment. $45 for unlimited…everything! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that. Well, I guess if it was free, that would be a little bit better. Add to that the fact that the plans run on Verizon’s prepaid network and it’s clear this wireless provider is going to win many more customers in 2010.

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